Kirk criticised

The Church of Scotland has been asked to apologise for its “history of discrimination” against homosexual people and could be a step closer to allowing ministers to perform same-sex marriages.

A report by the Theological Forum of the Church of Scotland to be debated at the Kirk’s General Assembly in May proposes having a church committee research allowing nominated ministers and deacons to carry out the ceremonies while retaining the ability for “contentious refusal” from those opposed to same-sex marriage.

The report also calls for “the Church to take stock of its history of discrimination at different levels and in different ways against gay people and to apologise individually and corporately and seek to do better”.

Jeffrey tries again


Jeffrey John | Press Association | 17070

Here we go again. The Church in Wales has been urged to reconsider its decision to exclude Jeffrey John from its appointments process for the next bishop of Llandaff amid accusations of homophobia.

The chapter of St Albans Cathedral, where Jeffrey John is dean, said on Monday that “the fact that it appears Jeffrey’s sexuality and civil partnership have been used against him in the selection process is wholly wrong, and it is only right that the bishops in Wales review the process before making an appointment”.

Jeremy Pemberton of OneBodyOneFaith called for an inquiry into the Church in Wales’s process before an appointment and for a public apology to be issued to John “for homophobic remarks and attitudes”. The church’s behaviour had been “unjust and discriminatory”, and bishops must abide by their own guidelines regarding candidates who are gay and in civil partnerships.

In 2003, John was appointed as bishop of Reading but the then archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, asked him to stand aside after some traditionalists threatened to leave the Church of England if his consecration went ahead.

John has a long-term relationship with Grant Holmes, another C of E clergyman, and the couple entered a civil partnership in 2006.

Bishop converts

John Wraw is the bishop of Bradwell in Chelmsford and is living with terminal cancer, and the support he has received from gay people within the church had “made him think really seriously” and changed his views about gay relationships and gay marriage. He supported the introduction of women bishops in 2014, but has not previously expressed a public view on gay marriage.

“It is recognising those qualities of relationship that I meet with so many people – hetereosexual, gay, bi – with people not really wanting to find their identity in gender but in who they are as human beings, for me children of God whom God delights in. This is not new Christian theology but for me I have lived it very intensely and personally this last three years and it has changed me profoundly as a person,” he wrote to his diocese. He hoped same-sex marriages would eventually receive “full acceptance” in the Church.

Gay Activist sends best wishes to the Bishop of Bradwell. We hope his followers will note his words and put them into positive action.

Gay cure ad removed from Facebook

A US-based evangelical group, Anchored North, has been using Facebook to target gay people who were interested in ‘Gay Pride’ with online ads promoting gay ‘cures.’ The ad quickly amassed more than 200,000 views until it was removed.

A Facebook spokesperson said: “This ad violates our advertising policies, and has been removed.” Facebook’s policies restrict against illegal content and must not contain discriminatory material based on sxual orientation or gender identity.

Facebook users whould watch for this type of content and always report it.

Synod defeats Archbishop

The result of the Synod debate over gay marriage is now known. The clergy narrowly voted against, by 100 votes to 93, meaning the motion was lost.

The rejection of the report is a blow to the authority of Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, who pleaded with the synod to accept the report as “a basis for moving on, a good basis, a roadmap”.

The Synod disagreed with him. Clearly the majority of the Synod no longer hold the view that marriage is a lifelong union of a man and a woman.

Synod couldn’t nod off today


Christian Today | 17035

LGBT protesters are holding a vigil outside the Church of England’s parliament on Wednesday morning ahead of a debate on gay relationships. The CofE’s General Synod will discuss a report by bishops refusing to change their view that marriage is between one man and one woman. The Church’s hierarchy are deeply concerned that a tide of anger against the report will lead to it being thrown out in a vote later today.

Campaigners say they are ‘quietly confident’ the report will be voted down. Peter Tatchell, who is organising the protest alongside Anglican pressure groups Changing Attitude and the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, said he was ‘appalled’ by the Church’s treatment of LGBT people.

Malaysia wants to change us

Malaysia’s Government has endorsed gay conversion therapy after federal authorities claimed sexual orientation can be changed with extensive training.

A video produced by a Malaysian government department explains how Muslims can change their approach to the gay community so that it does not promote hate against a minority.

The video has sparked anger for its suggestion that sexuality can be “cured”.

In Malaysia, LGBT rights are largely unrecognised; sodomy remains a criminal activity under British Empire colonial era law.

Thinking of a holiday there? Perhaps somewhere else would be more appropriate.

Religion is bad for gay health!

Gay people raised religious are 12 times more likely to suffer from poor mental health. Oasis Foundation, the gay community-inclusive Christian charitable trust, says it is ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that Christian leaders are responsible for fueling negative messages about homosexuality in society, the media and in politics. The influence of the church is having a negative influence on gay people.

Every denomination of the Christian church in Britain, except for the United Reformed Church, held positions which actively discriminate against people with same-sex partners.

The Oasis study concluded that local churches are ‘one of the biggest … discriminators’ of gay people.

Recently the House of Bishops restated the Church of England’s opposition to same-sex marriage, which will be discussed at the General Synod meeting next week.

Police getting jumpy

Gordon Larmour, a Christian evangelist, was accused of a hate crime and locked up in a cell after telling the story of Adam and Eve to a 19-year-old who asked him about God’s views on homosexuality.

The street preacher referred to the Book of Genesis and stated that God created Adam and Eve to produce children. He was frogmarched to a police van, accused of threatening or abusive behaviour “aggravated by prejudice relating to sexual orientation” – despite not swearing or using any form of offensive language, spent a night in custody and faced a six-month ordeal before a sheriff cleared him of any blame.

Your Activist thought this was a free country.

Bona to varda your dolly old hcruhc!

A Church of England theological college has apologised after trainee priests held a church service in Polari to commemorate LGBT History Month.

The service, held at the chapel of Westcott House in Cambridge on 2nd February backfired after causing some members of the congregation to “considerable upset and disquiet”.

The trainees used Polari to underline the “subversive” theme of the evening.

“Glory be to the father, and to the son, and the Holy Spirit” became “Fabeness be to the Auntie, and to the Homie Chavvie, and to the Fantabulosa Fairy”.

Yes, it might just catch on.