Changes afoot…

Your Activist is now approaching the big 7-0, so I have decided to combine two web sites into one to cut down the work.

News will now appear on G-H.

Thanks to everyone for your support over the last twenty years!



That was the year that was

2017 saw many stories on Gay Activist from around the world. A clear difference between two worlds is now emerging.

In some countries, gay people are allowed to marry and to live their lives openly; while there are still around a quarter of the population who disagree with that, and sometimes express their disagreement by refusing services or attacking gay people, their numbers are diminishing; but still gay men in particular face physical attack or blackmail.

In the rest of the world, gay people still live in fear of discovery or punishment, sometimes by death, sometimes by their own families, and many are so frightened they risk their lives by undertaking dangerous journeys to other countries which they perceive as safer, unfortunately often to discover that those countries do not wish to give them sanctuary.

Gay Activist has regular readers in more than 150 countries, countries which fall into both of those worlds.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year and if you are hoping to improve your life in the coming year, I wish you every success.


50 Years On

Normally Your Activist deletes posts which are more than one year old, to keep the site up to date; but this year is different.

It is the 50th year since homosexuality between men was decriminalised in the United Kingdom.

I have already heard from some researchers who are comparing the lives of gay men now with the lives they would have lived 50 years ago.

Gay Activist’s archive of stories from 2017 are therefore of greater importance and value than they would otherwise have been, so they will continue to be available for the time being.

If you are doing any research on this subject, help yourself; and it would be very pleasant to hear from you all. Good luck with your research.


Ice cream and coffee hits the spot

If you want a more intense orgasm, add some ice cream – the kind with real chocolate ripples in – to your coffee every morning, say experts.

Adding 100 g to coffee was found to increase intensity by between 35% and 45%, and length of orgasm by around 15%.

The chemicals in the ice cream and chocolate are thought to increase the production of chemicals in your brain which improve your orgasm.

Coffee shops have sprinkled chocolate on to coffee drinks, or served their coffee with a chocolate covered biscuit, to increase pleasure, for years.

Try blending some into your coffee this morning.