Zero. None. And Six Prisons full.

As we have been told repeatedly, there are no gays in Chechnya. None at all. Zilch. Ne rien. Absolutely none at all. There can’t be a round-up of gay men, because there are none in Chechnya.

And six prisons are full of them.

Reports had initially centred on two jails in the villages of Argun and Tsotsi-Yurt. But Novaya Gazeta, the respected Russian newspaper that made the initial claims, now says there are a further four prisons illegally holding men for their sexual orientation, reports the Daily Mail.

The men, who face torture in jail, are only released once their families offer bribes to police.


Two men in Indonesia, aged 20 and 23, face up to 100 strokes of the cane each after neighbours reported them to Shariah police for having gay sex.

The men were reported to police by residents in the country’s conservative Aceh province on March 29.

The chief investigator said the two men had “confessed” to being a gay couple and that this was supported by video footage taken by a neighbour.

Torture alleged in Chechnya

Gay men are being tortured and murdered in Chechen prisons, detainees have alleged. Detainees told Novaya Gazeta they were tortured and electrocuted while they were imprisoned, and others described seeing prisoners beaten to death.

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov’s spokesman called it “absolute lies and disinformation” and suggested there are no homosexuals in the Muslim-majority region. “You cannot detain and persecute people who simply do not exist in the republic,” he told the Interfax news agency.

Victims told Novaya Gazeta they were beaten with sticks, forced to sit on bottles and had their hands electrocuted.

“Several times a day we were taken out and beaten,” said one. “Their main aim was to find out your circle of contacts — in their minds if you are a suspect then your circle of contacts are all gay. They kept our phones switched on. Any man who calls or texts is a new target.”

Hands on experience in Holland

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In Holland, straight politicians are sending out a powerful message to homophobes after two gay teenagers were brutally attacked while holding hands. The couple were attacked in Arnhem while returning home from a night out over the weekend. The attackers screamed homophobic abuse and launched a brutal attack on the couple who were taken to hospital. A 14-year-old boy was among the men arrested over the attack.

Politicians in The Netherlands took to the streets to hold hands with their colleagues to show solidarity. Lodewijk Asscher, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Labour Party took part in the campaign, which has even seen police officers getting involved.

Straight politicians hold hands in solidarity with gay couple beaten in homophobic attack

Kilt off!


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A man whose video of kilted yoga sessions in a Scottish forest became a viral hit has been targeted with homophobic hate mail at his home.

Police Scotland has issued an appeal for witnesses after Finlay Wilson, from Dundee, whose Kilted Yogi videos were viewed more than 50 million times worldwide last month, received a letter telling him to leave his home and threatening his safety.

The handwritten note was left on the 30-year- old’s doorstep at his home in the city on Tuesday morning.

Mr Wilson said: “It said threatening stuff like ‘you need to watch yourself’ and they said they’d been watching my videos online and that they want me to get out. I don’t really know anyone in the building. My friends have been saying they didn’t realise this sort of thing still happened in this day and age. I was upset at first, but now I am furious because someone’s aim is to intimidate me and terrorise me into leaving my home because of their own bigoted beliefs.”

Svetogorsk, gay non capital of the world

A Russian mayor has declared his town a ‘gay-free zone’. ‘They won’t get here, even from the West,’ boasted Sergey Davydov, who runs Svetogorsk, which is on the frontier with Finland.

The former military commissar has been branded a ‘clown’ and an ‘idiot’ for supposing he has no homosexual people among a population of 15,000.

Since his announcement, two LGBT activists were detained seeking to enter Svetogorsk after travelling from St Petersburg. The pair were ‘expelled’ from the town because special permits are needed to enter because it lies on the border, said Davydov.

Regional MP Vladimir Petrov, who represents Slantsy district, said: “I understand Svetogorsk town is free from gays, because this is what the mayor, a colonel of the Russian army, has said. And who can we trust more in this country if not an officer?”

Here we (don’t) go again…

Some of Massachusetts’s top politicians said today that they would not attend the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston after organizers told a group of gay and transgender military veterans that they would not be allowed to march on March 17. For two years they have been included in the event.

The parade organizers, the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council, voted 9 to 4 to exclude OutVets. Dan Magoon, the executive director of Massachusetts Fallen Heroes, resigned as the parade’s chief marshal over that decision.

The Allied War Veterans Council says the parade does not ban gay groups, but it “will not allow the advertisement or display of one’s sexual orientation as a topic that should in any way be depicted as a theme of our parade.”

Sponsors of the parade began to drop out today. The supermarket Stop & Shop said it would no longer sponsor the parade, and Anheuser-Busch said it was “evaluating” its continued participation in the event.

The committee may rethink the matter tomorrow.

Two more thugs sentenced

James and Peter Weeks, who beat to death a man after a row over a “gay slur”, have been jailed for more than 13 years. They attacked “blameless” Ian O’Mahoney when he stepped in to defend his friend Barry Tatan outside the White Hart pub in Eltham, south-east London.

Mr Tatan had insulted the brothers at a different pub on August 28 last year by drunkenly suggesting that James Weeks was gay, a court heard. The brothers pursued him down the road to the White Hart where they punched Mr Tatan repeatedly in the face.

When Mr O’Mahoney intervened he was flung to the floor and cracked his head on the pavement, then punched by Peter Weeks “for good measure” as he lay on the ground.

An Old Bailey jury last week found both brothers guilty of manslaughter at the end of a trial.

Judge John Bevan QC today sentenced Peter Weeks, 29, who has a history of drunken violence, to seven-and-a-half years in prison.

James Weeks, 27, a former soldier with a clean record, was jailed for six years.

Gay soldiers still not happy


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Lieutenant General Patrick Sanders admitted lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender soldiers were often victims of discrimination. The three-star general is the commander of the Field Army. His comments come two years after the head of the Army promised a crackdown on bullying and sexual harassment.

Lieut Gen Sanders, the Army’s LGBT champion, says: ‘Under fire, no one cares if someone is black or white, gay or straight, because they value the individual for who he or she is, what he or she can do, and because they are so utterly dependent on him or her. But this experience is not universal. Away from the cauldron of operations or training, lazy or ingrained prejudice remains, ranging from outright bullying and discrimination, to the sort of casual but hurtful remark that refers to ice cream as “gay”.’

His comments drew criticism today from some people in the Army who felt he was exaggerating the problem. One soldier said: ‘Why focus on the LGBT community when the real problems are low morale, poor accommodation and low pay?’

Phil Poole and his boyfriend were beaten up on a London-bound train in an homophobic attack following a Valentine’s Day meal.

Mr Poole said he was set upon by a gang of thugs as he travelled into the capital with his boyfriend Zbynek Zatloukal following a night out in Reading.

They were assaulted by a group of up to five thugs who boarded the Great Western Railway train in west London, and hurled a homophobic slur at Mr Zatloukal while Mr Poole slept on his shoulder after the pair missed their stop at Maidenhead, where they both live.

Gay Activist wishes them both a speedy recovery and that they receive justice for this unprovoked attack.