Anti-gay hate messages OK in Holland, says publicly funded hotline!

Furious Dutch MPs have demanded an immediate public inquiry after a government-backed watchdog said it was acceptable for Muslims to send gay people death threats, according to the Express.

The taxpayer-funded hotline said it would not pursue a criminal complaint over horrific messages from radical Islamists because the Koran says gay people can be killed.

The disgraceful stance came to light when a member of the public complained about death threats posted to an online forum which called for homosexuals to be “burned, decapitated and slaughtered”.

Dutch MPs today reacted with horror to the revelations, demanding an immediate inquiry into the remarks and calling for the hotline to be stripped of public funding.

Hate leaflet distributed in Amsterdam

Police in Amsterdam say they have received over 20 complaints about an anti-gay leaflet which has been distributed door to door in western parts of the city. The leaflet states that homosexuality is forbidden in Islam, Christianity and Judaism and goes on to list a number of ‘facts’ about gay people. It also includes a link to a Facebook page focusing on a Romanian couple who were angry their children were taken into care in England and then adopted by a gay couple.

Anti-gay leaflets spread around Amsterdam

Hate Preacher not wanted in South Africa

Pastor Steven Anderson has been banned from entering South Africa.

The country’s minister of home affairs said of him and his “Church”: “I am certain they promote hate speech as well as advocate social violence.”

The Arizona preacher has a history of inflammatory statements against LGBT people, and now his words have gotten him barred from entering South Africa.

Nut loose

A Baptist preacher in California has been criticised after he delivered a hate-filled sermon that celebrated the deaths of the 49 people who were gunned down in the Pulse tragedy.

Roger Jimenez, fundamentalist pastor at the Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, has been condemned by the city’s mayor and others for telling his followers that Orlando is safer following the massacre and gays should be executed.

In a sermon praising Sunday’s attack just hours after the mass shooting ended inside the gay bar, Jimenez said Christians shouldn’t mourn the victims or be sad or upset.
‘What if you asked me, “Hey, are you sad that 50 pedophiles were killed today?” Um, no, I think that’s great,’ he told his followers, some of whom laughed. ‘I think that helps society. I think Orlando, Florida, is a little safer tonight. The tragedy is that more of them didn’t die. I’m kind of upset that he didn’t finish the job.’
Later in the sermon, Jimenez quoted scripture and said gays should be executed by a ‘righteous’ government.

I hope I never meet him.

Gay hate preacher leaves Australia early

Farrokh Sekaleshfar, a Muslim cleric who has previously suggested the death sentence for gay people, has left Australia after a public outcry at his entry into the country for a speaking tour.

British-born Sekaleshfar boarded a flight at Sydney Airport on Tuesday night after it emerged his visa was under review, according to the ABC.

His Sydney tour came under fire in the wake of the Orlando massacre at a gay nightclub after a video emerged of the Muslim leader preaching death as a compassionate sentence for homosexuals.

Sekaleshfar was in Australia as the guest speaker of a Sydney’s Imam Husian Islamic Centre for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Sekaleshfar told the newspaper his comments on homosexuals during a 2013 lecture at the University of Michigan had been taken out of the “academic and theoretical” context they were given in.

During his lecture at Michigan, it is alleged that Sekaleshfar said “death is the sentence” when asked about homosexuality, adding: “Out of compassion, let’s get rid of them now.”