Another cleric in trouble for being gay and married

The Rev. David Meredith of Cincinatti, an openly-gay Methodist minister, may have to face a church trial that could strip him of his ministry for marrying his longtime partner.

ABC Reports:

Meredith has led the congregation at Clifton United Methodist Church in Cincinnati as an openly gay man since 2012. The Methodist Church pledged to welcome “all persons, regardless of sexual orientation” more than a decade earlier. Despite that pledge, the church’s “Book of Discipline,” a document that is revised every four years to reflect current realities in society still bans gay people from serving as ministers, Meredith told ABC News. The book was last revised in 2016, just days before Meredith married his longtime partner Jim Schlachter, he said.

Shortly after his wedding, 10 members of the Methodist Church in the Cincinnati area sent letters to Bishop Gregory Vaughn Palmer of the Ohio West Area of the United Methodist Church, challenging Meredith’s fitness to be a pastor. None of those church members actually belonged to Meredith’s congregation.


6,493 I do’s in a year!

The Office for National Statistics has released its statistics for gay marriages in the UK during the year 2015.

There were 4,493 same-sex couples wed in 2015. Additionally, a further 9,156 same sex couples who were already in registered civil partnerships upgraded them to full marriages in that year.

Your Activist only has one question. Where’s my slice of cake, then?

Gay marriage discrimination challenged in Court of Appeal

Today the Court of Appeal heard that a gay couple whose marriage in England is only recognised as a civil partnership in their native Northern Ireland are suffering unlawful discrimination, which is a violation of the two men’s human rights.

Granted anonymity in the case, the petitioner ‘X’ and his husband married in London in 2014 but they can only be classified as civil partners in Northern Ireland, which they say “downgrades” their relationship. They seek a declaration that their marriage remains fully constituted throughout the United Kingdom.

Karen Quinlivan QC, for X, argued that any heterosexual couples who wed in England remain married if they move to Northern Ireland. The current situation facing her client is “derogatory and undermines his marriage”. Explaining his status to people at work has caused him stress and uncertainty.

The petition, backed by gay rights group The Rainbow Project, was taken against the Northern Ireland Assembly and the UK Government.

Gay man sues Bermuda over its gay marriage reversal

Roderick Ferguson, a Bermudian who lives in the United States, has gone to the island’s Supreme Court to undo a new law banning same-sex marriage.

Ferguson is not currently trying to wed, but wants to be able to avail himself of gay marriage rights in the future, said his lawyers. He seeks to render the DPA void for contradicting Bermuda’s constitution, which guarantees freedom from discrimination.

The motion was filed on Feb. 16 against the Attorney General, whose lawyers serve as legal advisers to the Bermudian government.

Gay Marriage? Yes, says Jersey, CI

THE first gay weddings in Jersey could take place later this year after the States legalised same-sex marriage today.

The Jersey Evening Post reports:

Members finally approved the proposals – which were lodged by Chief Minister Ian Gorst – to overhaul the Island’s marriage laws after a process which initially began in 2014. The only Member to vote against was St Martin Constable Michel Le Troquer. Senator Sarah Ferguson abstained.

Loopholers fly!

Pavel Stotsko and Yevgeny Voitsekhovsky | Pavel Stotsko | r

Pavel Stotsko and Yevgeny Voitsekhovsky have left Russia after police declared their passports invalid and opened an administrative case against them for “intentionally defacing an official document”. It is not clear where the couple traveled to.

LGBT-Network head Igor Kochetkov said police told Stotsko and Voitsekhovensky they would not be protected from possible attacks by homophobic vigilantes.

Loophole closed!

Gay Russian couple Eugene Wojciechowski and Paul Stotzko have been charged with a criminal offence, ‘intentional damage to passports or negligence’, after using an apparent legal loophole to have their Danish marriage recognised.

Interfax reported that ‘Article 19.16 of the Administrative Code on ‘deliberate damage to documents’ entails a warning or an administrative fine in the amount of 100 to 300 rubles’.