Right, now you’re cured. Now drop your trousers!

Dr. Melvyn Iscove, 72, a long-time Toronto psychiatrist who believes homosexuality is a “sexual disorder” that can be overcome, has been found guilty by Ontario’s medical regulator of sexually abusing two of his male patients.

He engaged in mutual masturbation and oral sex with two male patients on different occasions during therapy sessions, and once had anal intercourse with one of them in his office, in order to “cure” them, according to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario’s discipline committee.

“Neither complainant described any emotional or romantic aspects of the sexual activity with Dr. Iscove, and both said that at some point they thought that the sexual activity was part of the therapy and an attempt to cure them of homosexuality by engaging in the acts, rather than fantasizing about them,” the five-member discipline panel concluded.

Cure indeed.



Complaint of mistreatment in Canada

There is a report of mistreatment of gay men by Canadian prison officers.

CBC reports:

Kelly Canadian, 25, says he was incarcerated for nine months beginning in September 2016, after he stole two pizzas and assaulted a police officer.

During that time he alleges guards at North Slave Correctional Complex (NSCC) repeatedly harassed him and called him names like “faggot” and “cocksucker.”

Seven months into his incarceration, Canadian filed a human rights complaint against NSCC, a facility run by the N.W.T. government.

Court records show Indigenous man went on trial without an interpreter
The complaint says NSCC employees discriminated against Canadian because of his sexuality.

In one allegation, Canadian said during a fire drill a guard called him a “faggot” and told him to “hurry my ass up or I’m going to burn.”

Clearly, staff selection and training need to be improved.


See you at eight

Yusuf Celik | r

In Ottawa, Canada, gay Muslims who have been largely rejected or ignored by their community are finding a sense of connection and acceptance by gathering around the dinner table. Gay Muslims United hosts a cooking night on Saturday, bringing people together to prepare food and share a meal.

“We want to create this family-like atmosphere,” said Yusuf Celik, the founder of Gay Muslims United. “The mosques are not welcoming us, our community is not welcoming us, and our families are abandoning us.” he said.

Celik’s Facebook group for Gay Muslims United, created on Jan.1, 2018, now has more than 12,000 followers, and hopes to give gay Muslims a voice and provide support, especially for those who live in fear of persecution from family, friends and their culture.

According to Celik, gay Muslims often feel left out in Canadian LGBTQ societies.

“We have different cultural practices, and different needs,” he said. “Most LGBTQ groups in Canada are focused on human rights and advocacy. But we need to build something where we can create a family atmosphere, where we can cook together, enjoy the meal together and dance and laugh together.”


Pride House

CNN reveals that once again Canada has provided a safe space for gay participants at an Olympics.

It’s called the Pride House, a building in the village that’s a safe space for gay and lesbian athletes, their friends, family and supporters.
The first Pride House popped up during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and since then they have appeared at a number of international sporting events, including the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in London and the 2016 Summer Games in Rio, Brazil.

There was not a Pride House during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. A couple of years before those Games started, government officials turned down LGBT activists’ attempts to organize one. The matter ended up in court, where a Russian judge in 2011 rejected the registration for the house, saying that such a house would “contradict the foundations of public morality and government policy in the area of protection of the family, motherhood and childhood.”

Gold to Canada!


Toronto: alleged killer charged with three more murders

Alleged Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur has been accused of further murders.

McArthur was charged with three more counts of first-degree murder in relation to the deaths of Majeed “Hamid” Kayhan, 58, who was reported missing in October 2012; Soroush Mahmudi, 50, reported missing in Scarborough by his family in August 2015, and Dean Lisowick, 47, of no fixed address.

Police said unidentified dismembered skeletal remains of at least three people have been recovered from large planters in the backyard of a residence on Mallory Crescent in Leaside, Toronto.


Arrest in Toronto gay murders case

Your Activist returns to a story covered last year, that of a killer thought to be on the loose in Toronto’s gay community.

Toronto Police have arrested a 66-year-old man in the presumed deaths of two gay men who disappeared from downtown Toronto last year. The arrest was announced yesterday.

Bruce McArthur, of Toronto faces two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Andrew Kinsman, 49, and Selim Esen, 44, who vanished close to the city’s predominantly gay neighbourhood.

Homicide Det.-Sgt. Hank Idsinga told reporters McArthur and Kinsman were involved in a sexual relationship “for some time.”

McArthur was previously convicted for assault causing bodily harm in 2001, and is known to use facebook and other social media and dating web sites.

Police are now investigating whether the accused man is involved in other killings and a number of properties are being searched.


School play loses backing in Canada

CBC reports that two school boards in London, Ontario, have refused financial backing to a play about a gay student’s fight to take his boyfriend to the prom.

Prom Queen: The Musical is based on the story of Marc Hall, the gay teenager who won his 2002 battle with the Durham Catholic School Board to take his boyfriend to the prom at a school in Oshawa, Ontario.

The London District Catholic School Board and the Thames Valley District School Board have withdrawn $30,000, leaving a dent in the project’s $250,000 budget.