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Hello! The Gay Activist website has been on the internet since launch on 21 October 1998, originally on Geocities, to provide background notes about key LGBTQIA campaigning issues.

Your Activist has been involved in gay rights matters for four decades, including campaigning against hate crimes, and promoting human rights. He is now retired. He gained experience as a citizen journalist with an internet news service and is a fully trained counsellor and mentor.

The key campaigning issues for gay activists continue to be: equality in the workplace (including armed forces and other public services), in housing, family, society, health and age related care; fair treatment for foreign partners, refugees and assylum seekers, especially after Brexit; blackmail, homophobia and violence against gay men in particular; anti-gay vandalism and the destruction of gay owned property and businesses; religious bigotry, lies and hatred directed against gay people; challenging stereotypes and correcting lies and myths about gay people; fighting health problems and addictions, which may be the result of repression; having the right to live your life safely; and the fight for gay people to access their human rights and, in some countries, the right to life.

Links are accurate at the time of posting but may no longer be there. All rights reserved, and no liabilities accepted.

This site receives many spam and homophobic messages, all of which are completely ignored, so please don’t waste your time. Gay Activist accepts comments but we reject spam, promotional messages, messages with videos or other links, and hate messages.

If you do not want your comment to be published please begin with the words “Not for publication”. If you wish your comment to be published anonymously, please begin with the words “Anonymous please”. Your wishes will be respected.

Each January we delete the previous years’ comments. Every month we delete news items more than one year old.

After a spate of requests to contact readers to which I have responded and subsequently received no reply, I no longer respond to enquiries other than on the web site.

There has recently been raised awareness of “fake news”. Gay Activist is 19 years old and during those 19 years we have only been taken in once by a phoney story. If we didn’t believe the story, we did not use the story, and were usually eventually justified when the story was found to be incorrect. We always look for stories with preferably three seperate sources, and only use trustworthy sources, but with greater understanding of the problem, in 2017 we have introduced additional measures to check stories before we run with them.

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25 June 2017

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