How safe is a safe house? Not very, it seems

Private companies managing asylum accommodation in the UK are being told to protect gay assylum seekers who say they are being physically, verbally and sexually assaulted in shared homes.

The Guardian reports:

Among the attacks on asylum seekers are reports that one intersex person was woken in the night by housemates and their friends demanding to see their genitals, while another transgender asylum seeker said her housemate exposed his genitals while yelling homophobic abuse at her. One transgender person says she was raped in her asylum accommodation.

In some cases, the asylum seekers say they reported the incidents to the Home Office and the companies contracted to provide housing to asylum seekers, but no action was taken. As a result they were forced to choose between living with their attacker or becoming homeless.

This just is not good enough. People who have come here to be safe, should be.