Hay’s Pride

Riley Stuart/ABC | r

ABC went to the small Australian town of Hay, little more than a village, because they are having their first Gay Pride ever.

Remote and small it may be, but it is the same as everywhere else – there are gay and trans people.

For George, Snapchat provided a silver lining.

The selfie-driven smartphone app is the communication channel of choice for teenagers, in part because messages vanish shortly after they have been read.

It was on Snapchat this country boy rode his surging pangs of terror to give his best friends the news.

“I just said that I’m transgender and I explained to them I’d appreciate it if they used male pronouns and called me George and that they could speak to me about it at school if they wanted to,” he said.

Teddy, who is also a trans man, has been able to provide a different perspective.

“People are often incredibly surprised to hear that the lived experience for LGBTQI people in Australia isn’t as rosy as perhaps they had imagined,” he said.

“I think we get lulled into this idea that because we’ve got a gay uncle everything is fine now.”

Fascinating glimpse into small town life.