If you don’t vote, you may end up sleeping with a gay homestay, Russians told!

Youtube/Moscow Times | r

A video urging Russians to vote in the presidential elections next month has caused controversy over its apparent homophobia. Moscow Times reports:

The three-minute video paints a dystopian future facing those who fail to show up at the polls on March 18, with a slew of comically absurd laws. A 52-year-old man dreams that he is drafted into a multi-ethnic army, harassed by a communist son for donations and forced to limit his daily number of bathroom visits.

One outcome of the man’s decision not to vote is a law assigning each family with a “gay homestay” for a week. “If he doesn’t find himself a pair, then you’ll have to be with him,” the man’s wife says. “The law is the law,” says the flamboyantly-dressed homestay before suggestively biting into a banana.