Are we better off in the West?

The Independent reminds us of what being gay is like in Nigeria.

A hangover from colonial rule, anti-gay laws in Nigeria can lead to punishments including 14 years in prison to death by stoning. Gay people are also banned from holding meetings or forming clubs.

Nigerian Michael Ighodaro managed to get to New York where he now lives and s is an Assisant Professor in Global LGBTI Studies at The new School University in New York. The Independent interviewed him.

… The poverty of LGBT people (is an issue) that we don’t talk about so much. A lot of us are made to leave school and can’t get jobs. People are living in very hostile environments that aren’t fit for humans. We talk about HIV and laws, which is great, but these issues are killing gay people more than the law. They can’t even afford to eat and that is a real issue.