The rescue begins


Dave Frenkel | 17086

Russian LGBT campaigners have rescued at least 40 people from Chechnya where a teenage boy was recently killed after being pushed off a 9th floor balcony by his uncle who believed he was gay. The Russian LGBT Network has organised an emergency evacuation of gay people eager to escape.

A hotline has been set up. A spokesman said:

‘Well, the first thing for us to do is, of course, to evacuate them from Chechnya, like, to other parts of Russia.

But we are also working to evacuate them, to relocate them to – out of Russia because for most of them it’s just deadly dangerous to stay in Russia because some of them are already hunted by their relatives outside of Chechnya.

They’re telling us that they are beaten. Sometimes some people are beaten to death. And also people are saying that they’re tortured with electric current, they are not fed properly and they don’t have any water.’

Over 40 gay men saved from Chechnya’s homophobic ‘purge’