Stealth health scare

“Adam”, not his real name, a gay man in Connecticut, has told of a dangerous sex ‘trend’ he has experienced several times in his life in the hope it will save others. It is known as “stealthing”.

‘Stealthing’ is the dangerous practice of men removing their condoms midway through sex without their partner knowing, increasing the risk of HIV and other diseases. Some have called it a form of sexual assault. “If stealthing is prevalent in the heterosexual community then I’m telling you it’s rampant in the homosexual community,” “Adam” said.

Visually keeping your eye on the condom is not always the easiest thing with two men.

“I cannot tell you how petrified I was meeting up with someone that you could well be putting your life in their hands. There was more than a few times I caught or suspected the other person trying to remove their condom.”

“Adam” wants to make young men aware this could be happening to them.