Out of step, out of election

Andrew Turner, the Conservative MP for the Isle of Wight, is standing down after reportedly telling local college students that homosexuality was “wrong” and “dangerous to society”.

His comments were quickly posted on social media by one of the students, Esther Poucher, 16, who expressed “outrage”. Another student, Toby Sheard, 17, said: “Everyone was shocked, no-one moved, it was complete silence, all of which he was unfazed by and carried on talking.”

Isle of Wight Pride said: “Any person who makes such a statement in a public forum as our MP is dangerous. Suicide rates amongst LGBT young people are still disproportionately high. Mr Turner did not know if anyone in the room was struggling with their sexuality or gender identity.”

Mr Turner said it was time for “a new generation” to take over after his 16 years in Parliament.