You tube if you want to

Some gay users of YouTube are discovering that gay themed content is now being restricted. YouTube has been criticised for having non-explicit videos featuring LGBTQ themes classed as restricted, which filters out “potentially inappropriate” content.

YouTube said: “Some videos that cover subjects like health, politics and sexuality may not appear for users and institutions that choose to use this feature.” Filtering out what is and isn’t appropriate can be difficult in the case of LGBT topics, which are by definition intertwined with health, politics and sexuality.

YouTube followed that statement with another hours later: “We recognise that some videos are incorrectly labelled by our automated system and we realise it’s very important to get this right. We’re working hard to make some improvements.” The company offered no further explanation.

The website’s rules also state that videos “containing nudity or dramatised sexual conduct may be age restricted when the context is appropriately educational, documentary, scientific or artistic. Videos featuring individuals in minimal or revealing clothing may also be age restricted if they’re intended to be sexually provocative but don’t show explicit content.”