Svetogorsk, gay non capital of the world

A Russian mayor has declared his town a ‘gay-free zone’. ‘They won’t get here, even from the West,’ boasted Sergey Davydov, who runs Svetogorsk, which is on the frontier with Finland.

The former military commissar has been branded a ‘clown’ and an ‘idiot’ for supposing he has no homosexual people among a population of 15,000.

Since his announcement, two LGBT activists were detained seeking to enter Svetogorsk after travelling from St Petersburg. The pair were ‘expelled’ from the town because special permits are needed to enter because it lies on the border, said Davydov.

Regional MP Vladimir Petrov, who represents Slantsy district, said: “I understand Svetogorsk town is free from gays, because this is what the mayor, a colonel of the Russian army, has said. And who can we trust more in this country if not an officer?”