Give us equality, for goodness’ sake

Former cavalry officer John Walker, who is fighting to win his husband equal pension rights, has taken his case to the Supreme Court hoping for a decision which could “dramatically change the lives of thousands of same-sex couples”. He wants five high court justices to overturn a Court of Appeal ruling in 2015 which went against him.

Appeal judges had decided his claim failed because it applied to a period before gay civil partnerships were recognised by the law.

Mr Walker, who was paying into a company scheme for 20 years, argues that his husband should have the same pension rights a wife would enjoy if he was in a heterosexual relationship. He has been making the same contributions to the pension scheme as his heterosexual colleagues and wants to ensure that, should he die first, his husband will be adequately provided for.

Your Activist pointed out this anomaly at the time the civil partnership laws were being drafted, and was ignored.