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A still from the film Ka Bodyscapes | Copyright control | 17052

India’s Central Board of Film Certification has refused to certify the Malayalam film Ka Bodyscapes, saying it glorified “the subject of gay and homosexual relationship” and portrayed the Hindu religion in a derogatory manner by showing Hanuman “in poor light as gay”. It also objected to the portrayal of a Muslim woman masturbating.

The move came days after the CBFC refused to clear the film Lipstick Under My Burkha as the “story is lady-oriented”.

Filmmaker Jayan Cherian, who is based in New York, said the film, that has been selected at several festivals, was denied permission to be screened after intervention from the Information and Broadcasting Ministry. “For instance, screening at the Kerala Film Festival was cancelled at the last moment under pressure from the ministry,” Cherian added.

The film revolves around a gay artist battling censorship against his work. “The artwork in his studio depicts the history of gay art, including nude works by noted artists from across the world. But what the CBFC sees and also objects to is the nudity in those paintings.”

CBFC refuses to clear Ka Bodyscapes, says film glorifies gay relationship