Naughty Nookie, Italian style


Francesco Spano | ImagoEC | 17045

Francesco Spano, the head of Italy’s anti-discrimination office, has resigned following accusations that government funds meant to promote diversity projects and tackle racism had been earmarked for gay sex clubs masquerading as cultural centres.

An investigative TV programme showed his department had authorised funding of up to 55,000 euros each for at least three businesses which housed male prostitutes and offered their members so-called “dark rooms” for sexual encounters.

Opposition parties called on the government to explain its funding program. Rightist leader Giorgia Meloni said UNAR, the anti-discrimination office, should be shut immediately. “Not one more euro of tax payers’ money should be thrown away on paying their salaries,” she wrote.

The government said in a statement that while UNAR would stay open, Spano had resigned “out of respect” for the work his office was carrying out.