Macron gets the hard hat on


Emmanuel Macron | EPA | 17037

Emmanuel Macron, a contender in the French presidential election, saw his poll lead vanish after he made controversial remarks on gay marriage.

Mr Macron had overtaken François Fillon, the conservative candidate and former favourite who is embroiled in a corruption scandal, but the latest polls indicate that the two candidates are now neck-and-neck.

Mr Macron provoked outrage by describing former French colonial rule as a “crime against humanity” during a visit to Algeria.

Mr Macron then infuriated Left-wing supporters by trying to reach out to Right-wingers who opposed gay marriage, saying they had been stigmatised and “humiliated” under President Hollande’s Socialist government.

Mr Macron and Mr Fillon ended the week level-pegging on 20 per cent, with both men trailing Ms Le Pen, on 26 per cent in one poll, while another poll places Mr Macron and Mr Fillon both on 18.5 per cent.

The first round of the French Presidential election is on April 23rd.