Yes, why?


Tamzin B. Smith/Rolling Stone | 17015

Why Is It So Hard for Gay Men to Give Blood? asks Rolling Stone, mainly concerned with the US.

Yes, why? HIV can be detected in days and the stigma around it has decreased dramatically – but the FDA still makes gay men abstain from sex for a year before donating, similar to the UK. I’m not so sure about the stigma decreasing though.

As usual, Rolling Stone get the rock’n’roll sorted.

Last year, the LGBT community was powerfully reminded of that statistic following an attack on Pulse nightclub, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. Forty-nine people were killed and 53 more were injured after a gunman opened fire on the Orlando gay bar. Although OneBlood, a Florida-based donation center, estimated that over 28,000 people donated the week following the tragedy, MSMs were not among them. For gay and bisexual men who will remain sexually active throughout their lives, a one-year deferral amounts to a lifetime ban. This means that these people were not allowed to help their own community members during a time of extraordinary need.

Quite. So get on with it, medical experts, and stop discriminating against law abiding citizens with rights.