Castro bites the dust

So Fidel Castro, the Cuban ex-dictator, has died. He is remembered not only for the Cuban Missile Crisis which nearly destroyed the planet. Writing in The Daily Beast, James Kirchick notes:

It should never be forgotten that he was also an oppressor, torturer, and murderer of gay people.

“We would never come to believe that a homosexual could embody the conditions and requirements of conduct that would enable us to consider him a true revolutionary, a true communist militant,” Castro told an interviewer in 1965. “A deviation of that nature clashes with the concept we have of what a militant communist should be.”

In the eyes of Castro and his revolutionary comrade Che Guevara—who frequently referred to gay men as maricones, “faggots”—homosexuality was inherently counterrevolutionary, a bourgeois decadence.

Within a very short time of taking office, Cuban police began rounding up gay men. In 1965, the regime established prison work camps known as Military Units to Aid Production which it filled with homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other “undesirable” elements.

Should Your Activist ever come face to face with Mr. Castro in Heaven, I already know how I will handle it.