Delhi marches for freedom


Associated Press | 16497ga

Hundreds of gay rights activists marched in New Delhi, highlighting the continuing discrimination they face and demanding the repeal of an Indian law criminalizing homosexual acts, reports Associated Press.

As they marched to the beat of drums on Sunday, some parade participants said much has changed in recent years, with people starting to accept them. But others said India’s right-wing government is against gay rights.

Rituparna Borah, an activist, was not very hopeful, saying that the Hindu nationalist government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not supportive of gay rights. “We have yet to have an inclusive society,” she said.

Over the past decade, homosexuals have gained a degree of acceptance in India, especially in big cities. Many bars have gay nights, and some high-profile Bollywood films have dealt with gay issues.

Still, being gay is seen as shameful in most of the country, and many homosexuals remain closeted.