I want my record cleansed, says Veteran

Ed Spires, a 91-year-old US Air Force veteran who was discharged in 1948 for being gay, is now fighting for equality. He wants the “undesirable discharge” label removed from his record and to receive a military burial.

For seven decades, Mr Spires kept it a close secret that he was kicked out of the Air Force for being gay. His long-time partner and husband David Rosenberg spoke yesterday on his behalf. “You’re humiliated and when you know that you served honorably without causing any problems, that’s even worse.”

Mr Spires served in the Air Force from 1946 to 1948, but received an “undesirable discharge” when he was outed for sexual orientation.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal is the ranking member of the Veteran’s Affairs Committee and says 100,000 vets received similar discharges for sexual orientation and only a small fraction of those have filed to have it upgraded.

Veteran discharged for being gay sues Air Force