Gadzooks! The Castro is turning straight!


Getty Images/Lonely Planet | 16494ga

On the streets of San Francisco’s Castro district, baby strollers are more common than drag queens these days, and homeowners are as likely to identify as “techie” as LGBT. The famed neighbourhood, the epicentre for gay pride activism in the 1960s and 1970s, is in the midst of a transformation, which some describe as a battle for the heart of the community,

reports the Financial Times. Shock, horror!

The Castro is losing its gay identity, says long-time activist Cleve Jones, who marched in the 1970s with the gay rights activist and Castro politician Harvey Milk. “It’s all a façade,” Jones says. “In time there will be gay flags here, but no gay people.”

A survey conducted last year found more than 72 per cent of residents identified as LGBT, but among people who had lived in the district for less than a year, that number fell to 55 per cent. With more gay-friendly neighbourhoods in San Francisco,

“there is not so much need for there to be a gay ghetto”.