Met pays up


Getty Images | 16490ga

In a landmark legal case,David Cary, a gay man has won a nine-year legal battle with the Metropolitan Police after the force admitted it failed to investigate alleged homophobic abuse.

Mr Cary sued the force for discrimination, claiming it did not properly investigate allegations he was verbally abused by a neighbour in 2007.
It amounted to discrimination on the grounds of his sexuality, he claimed.

The case was due to be decided in the Court of Appeal, but Scotland Yard has apologised and agreed to compensation.

The case dated back to February 2007, when Mr Cary told police he had been verbally abused by a neighbour as he rode home on his bicycle.

According to Mr Cary, he was called a “poof” and a “queer”. However, officers investigated the report and decided to take no further action. Mr Cary began legal action against both the Met and the IPCC in January 2010.