Luxembourg’s gay refugees


Ennas Al Sharifi | 16481ga

I think this is the first time in 18 years that I have blogged a story from Luxembourg.


Of the gay refugees who do live in Luxembourg safe places, few are open about their sexuality, writes the Luxembourg Wort.

Asylum seeker Mano fled his war-torn home of Syria because of harassment and intolerance over his sexual orientation.

“I always knew I was different. I didn’t know what the difference was or what it was called, but I knew I had a secret to guard,” Mano said, adding: “That was a decade ago. Even in my worst nightmare, I didn’t dream that one day my beautiful country would implode. When I was 15, before I came to terms with my identity, my parents suspected something was ‘wrong’ with me and sent me to a therapist. He told them I was gay.”

Mano said when his family and the community where he lived in Idlib found out, they confirmed his worst fears about prejudice.

“Most of them believed—and probably still do—that gay people like me should be hospitalised, imprisoned and even killed. I felt desperately alone.”

Mano said he was saved by the Internet, where he learned there were other people like him who lived happy, normal lives.

Yes, if only your Activist had had the information freely available now on the internet when he was 14.