Sport for gays: more to do.


Anastasia Bucsis | Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images | 16296ga

Canadian Olympic speed skater Anastasia Bucsis told CBC “Sport should be a safe place for absolutely everyone, and unfortunately we do see a lot of homophobia still in the locker room. It is a little bit of an old boys club. Obviously we have seen some great gains. I don’t want to be negative and discount what we have done, but it is nowhere near where it needs to be, and continuing that discussion is really the only way we’re going to champion that equality.”

Bucsis is well known for her charitable and social work, and CBC reminds us:

Bucsis has become a dedicated advocate for making the sporting community a safe place for LGBTQ athletes. When she’s not training for the Winter Olympics, she works as an ambassador and member of the You Can Play Project, an activist group dedicated to the eradication of homophobia in sports.