Burnley footballer isn’t homophobic. So there.


Andre Gray | Uncredited photographer | Coventry Telegraph | 16295ga

A footballer who tweeted that gay people should “burn” and “die” has apologised saying “I am absolutely not homophobic”. Andre Gray sent a tweet in 2012: “Is it me or are there gays everywhere? #Burn #Die #MakesMeSick.”

Gray has since deleted the tweet and taken to social media to apologise and ask for “forgiveness”…“I would like to respond to media reports with regards to previous tweets posted from my twitter account. Firstly, I want to offer a sincere and unreserved apology to anybody I may have offended in relation to these tweets.
The tweets were posted four years ago when I was a completely different person to the man I am now. I was at a very different point in my life back then – one that I’ve worked hard to move on from.”

It just reminds your Activist – and I am sure my readers – how little progress in accepting gay people has been made in football, compared with, say, athletics.