Hart Van Homos – less van cash


Jet Bussemaker | Uncredited/HP De Tijd | 16280ga

The Dutch government is withdrawing its subsidy for a Christian group named Hart van Homos which encourages celibacy among gay men after all, emancipation minister Jet Bussemaker told the Dutch Parliament.

The minister’s u-turn follows pressure from ruling party MPs who argue the group is sending out the wrong message. The group’s mission statement says that its workers ‘opt for friendship without a sexual relationship.’

Last month it emerged that Hart van Homos had received government money via an umbrella foundation. At the time Bussemaker said she would not withdraw the grant, saying she was confident the organisation would not proscribe to gay Christians how they should live their lives.

Minister does u-turn on gay Christian group funding, withdraws subsidy

Hart Van Homos (translated by Google)