Christian singer comes out


Trey Pearson | 16271ga

Trey Pearson, lead singer of the Christian rock band Everyday Sunday, has come out as gay. In a letter published at the end of May, Pearson acknowledged that he had spent 20 years trying not to be gay, and despite the fact he has a wife and two young children, he could not pretend any longer, reports Think Progress.

“Trying not to be gay, has only led to a desire for intimacy in friendships, which pushed friends away, and it has resulted in a marriage where I couldn’t love or satisfy my wife in a way that she needed. When Lauren and I got married, I committed to loving her to the best of my ability, and I had the full intention of spending the rest of my life with her. Despite our best efforts, however, I have come to accept that there is nothing that is going to change who I am.”

Christian Rock Singer Comes Out, An Ex-Gay Freakout Ensues