Gay marriage is here to stay, says Dave

David Cameron warned today that any attempt to repeal his gay marriage law will be voted down by MPs. Tory leadership candidate Andrea Leadsom criticised the law recently.

The Prime Minister said he was “extremely proud” of the move and claimed an “enormous” majority of MPs support it, praising how Britain led the way on the issue.

Actually we didn’t: The Netherlands was first, in 2001.

His comments are interpreted as a rebuke of Mrs Leadsom, who this week publicly questioned whether the Prime Minister was right to legislate for gay marriage in 2013.

Here are the countries where gays can get married:

2001: Netherlands
2003: Belgium
2005: Spain, Canada
2006: South Africa
2009: Norway, Sweden
2010: Portugal, Iceland, Argentina
2012: Denmark
2013: Brazil, France, Uruguay, New Zealand, England/Wales
2014: Luxembourg, Scotland
2015: Finland (signed 2015, effective 2017)
2015: Ireland, United States