Gay Paris is, says … Paris


Some, er, traditional croissants | Le Gay Choc/Facebook | 16256ga

The Local have been trying to work out how Gay Paris is, as this weekend is their Pride. They discovered some good news, for a change.

Homophobic incidents seem to be on the decline in Paris and the rest of France over the past few years.

Although there was a spike in homophobic acts, especially physical attacks, after gay marriage was legalized in May of 2013, since then the number of reported incidents has kept going down.

According to this year’s annual report by French gay rights organisation SOS Homophobie, reports of homophobic incidents went down by 40 percent from 2014 to 2015.

2014 was already down 38 percent from the year before when gay marriage was legalized and the rate of homophobic acts was at a record high.