Does Queer matter?

The literal meaning of queer, as odd, strange, puzzling and deviant, has gone through a rebranding process in LGBT circles. A term that was once used to denigrate us has now been reclaimed in order to be ‘owned’ by us. I can call myself ‘queer’ and apparently feel empowered by it – but if a stranger calls me this as I walk down the street hand in hand with my girlfriend, it becomes a discriminatory label.

And that’s exactly what it is – a label. A label which seeks to defy all other labels, branding them as too rigid, fixed and confining. A label that, I anticipate, will eventually come to be seen as out-dated and generic in years to come,

writes Anna Tippett in the Huff.

We’re all queer in some way shape or form and that’s fantastic.

In other words we are all people; long may it continue.