Uganda have Pride today, sorry

Ugandan police prevented organizers from holding a gay pride parade on the orders of a government minister.

Frank Mugisha, a gay rights leader in Uganda, said police blocked organizers from staging the event at two locations outside the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

More than 100 LGBT people turned up for the event today at a beach on Lake Victoria. Most of them were ordered into minibuses and escorted by police to Kampala.

More plaques on the way


Derek Kendall/The Historic England Archive | 16407ga

The homes of Oscar Wilde (pictured), Benjamin Britten and Anne Lister are being relisted as part of a gay history project undertaken by Historic England, Pride of Place.

Duncan Wilson, chief executive of Historic England, said buildings and places were witnesses to events that shaped society, but lesbian and gay stories had often been neglected. “Too often, the influence of men and women who helped build our nation has been ignored, underestimated or is simply unknown, because they belonged to minority groups. Our Pride of Place project is one step on the road to better understanding just what a diverse nation we are, and have been for many centuries. At a time when historic LGBTQ venues are under particular threat, this is an important step.”

Pardons on the way .. some time

Proposals to introduce a new law to pardon gay men convicted under historical gross indecency laws will be brought forward “in due course”, the government has said. It could see thousands of men pardoned for crimes of which they would be innocent today.

A government spokesman said it was “committed” to the proposal. “This government is committed to introducing posthumous pardons for people with certain historical sexual offence convictions who would be innocent of any crime now. We will bring forward our proposals in due course.”

Australian gay radio station threatened

A bomb threat was emailed to Australia’s only gay and lesbian radio station, a sign of just how divisive the debate over gay marriage has become, says the station’s president. Jed Gilbert took to the air this evening to reassure JOY listeners after a threatening email was sent to the station on Tuesday night.

The station managed to remain on air while the building in Melbourne was cleared by Victoria Police about 7pm. About 30 staff and volunteers were on site. The station also has more than 300 volunteers.

Anderson booted out of Botswana

Controversial anti-gay American pastor Steven Anderson is being deported from Botswana‚ the country’s government announced today. He has been declared a Prohibited Immigrant.

Anderson arrived in Botswana on Friday and the country’s Lesbian Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana delivered a petition to their government on Thursday asking it to ban him from the country. Today, they did.

Anti-gay pastor to be deported from Botswana

There’s courage for you


Outfrontonline | 16405ga

Gay Activist notes that Aleksei Korolyov, 29, pictured left, and 33-year-old Bulat Barantayev, right, are thought to be the first LGBT people ever to stand for election to Russia’s State Duma, the lower house of the Federal Assembly. Both are gay rights activists who strongly object to Russia’s gay “propaganda” law.

Both activists are running for the pro-Europe People’s Freedom Party. Neither Mr Korolyov or Mr Barantayev believe they have any chance of being elected, but hope that by standing they will progress gay rights.

Sweden deports gay Ugandan in error

Sweden’s justice watchdog has sharply criticised the the way in which a gay Ugandan man was sent home to face possible life imprisonment and even death, even though his case was under review. The man was expelled from Sweden three days after a court had ordered his rejected asylum claim to be reconsidered. Sweden’s Migration Agency neglected to inform the police, and the man was arrested and sent home.

Sweden’s Justice Ombudsman said the case highlighted the poor communication between different agencies, and criticised the responsible officer in the Stockholm Police for failing to check if there were any obstacles to deporting the man. The Migration Court was criticised for failing to inform the police, and the Migration Agency for failing to register the court’s decision on its systems.

On your bike in Brisbane!


Josh Bavas/ABC | 16404ga

About 2,000 people have marched through Fortitude Valley to New Farm Park in inner Brisbane to support Queensland’s gay, lesbian and transgender community in the city’s annual Pride Day Festival.

Leading the way were state politicians including health minister Cameron Dick. Yes, really.

“Great to celebrate diversity and equality,” Health Minister Mr Dick said. “That’s what our party believes in and I’m pleased that our Government is trying to promote measures to increase diversity and also equality in Queensland.”

Hate Preacher not wanted in South Africa

Pastor Steven Anderson has been banned from entering South Africa.

The country’s minister of home affairs said of him and his “Church”: “I am certain they promote hate speech as well as advocate social violence.”

The Arizona preacher has a history of inflammatory statements against LGBT people, and now his words have gotten him barred from entering South Africa.

Australia may get referendum on Gay Marriage next year

The Australian parliament received a bill today to set up gay marriage vote in the country early next year. The bill was introduced on the first anniversary of Malcolm Turnbull’s becoming Prime Minister.

The Australian Government confirmed each side of the debate would be entitled to a $7.5 million publicly funded treasure chest to spend on the campaign as well as being able to accept individual donations of up to $1500.