EC Protects Gay Men’s Nipples

Are you looking after your nipples properly? Doctors are increasingly concerned about the condition of gay men’s nipples. Gay men are increasingly putting their nipples at risk through exposure, neglect, adornment or “participation”.

Now, the European Community has introduced the new Nipples (Gay Men) Protection Directive (EC/NIP/15/0104) to give greater protection to gay men’s nipples in the European Community area.

The Directive requires gay men to wear bras or other appropriate protective clothing in order to protect their nipples from further harm at work, in sport, in clubs and saunas and on the Heath (but following representations from tourism officials, gay pride parades are exempt).

Bras which have been designed for gay men and which provide safety protection which meets the requirements of the Directive will bear the new EC “Hot Tit Mark” to indicate their compliance.

It is important that all gay men should measure the distance between their nipples (in centimetres) to ensure they obtain safety clothing of the correct size. Ask your tailors or doctors surgery for a “Tit Kit” which contains a measuring tape and a leaflet explaining nipple care.

Directive EC/NIP/15/0104 comes into effect on April 1st, 2015.


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Where have all the gay candidates gone?

Press Association | 15002

Five years ago the main political parties were putting openly gay candidates into the hustings and some of them were even elected. Just weeks before the 2015 election, despite there being organisations set up to give the gay candidates a hand, where are all the gay candidates we would by now expect to see?

Your Activist researched the item on Google, which suggested an article about Monty Python’s Flying Circus.


We have to think of something better than this, girls

Do you know darlings, it seems like only days ago (it was last January, actually! Honestly! Doesn’t time fly) gay rights organisations sent Aunt Elton over to Moscow to “introduce President Putin to some gay people” and give him a thorough ticking off for being so hurtful to gays.

RIA Novosti | Reuters | Undated | 15001

Russia has listed transsexual and transgender people among those who will no longer qualify for driving licences. Fetishism, exhibitionism and voyeurism are also included as “mental disorders” now barring people from driving. The government says it is tightening medical controls for drivers because Russia has too many road accidents,

reported the BBC on 8 January.

It makes you think our gay organisations, and their leaderships, are out of touch, live in a previous iteration of the planet, and are just not up to the job, desn’t it. President Putin’s mind was never going to be swayed by a conversation with Lady Bracknell. Time we had a major rethink on personalities, methods, skills, organisations and approaches.

UKIP, research, gay vote

Ukip’s Nigel Farage who was considered “extremely anti” by three-quarters of gay voters. He was the only one seen by more people as homophobic than sympathetic to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) concerns. LGBT issues have slipped down the agenda of gay voters – with the economy, the NHS and education all considered more important in choosing which party to back.

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