Snipped Snipper in Vancouver!


Jessie Anderson | 15199

Trans hairdresser Jessie Anderson, 24, above, of Vancouver, has turned to online crowdfunding, with a $15,000 goal, to help open Vancouver’s first barbershop with a focus on transgender people — but also open to everyone.

“It’s an exciting time right now because transgender visibility has become more mainstream,” he said. “People are talking about Caitlin Jenner, Laverne Cox. But I think people haven’t gotten the point or appreciate that trans people exist all the time — we get groceries, we hang out at home and a lot of the time we end up sitting at home.”

Anderson said when he was younger and would get his haircut, he would have to convince the barber he wanted it short, which wasn’t particularly popular for young women. “When I was younger and starting to cut my hair short and make it look more masculine, it was hard to find service providers as most salons, barbers, have an idea in their head and would say, ‘Oh no, you’re a pretty girl.’”

Same old lies

One in 10 healthworkers in the NHS and private health sector has been in a situation where a colleague has expressed the belief that being LGBT is curable. The proportion jumps to two in ten healthworkers in London.

Reports The Independent.

If it were true, someone would have bottled it and made a billion by now.

It isn’t.

Too much make up girls

An awards ceremony to celebrate the contribution of gay and lesbian people to Scottish life got caught up in a race row when models in black make-up were used to promote the event. Anti-racism campaigners criticised the Icon Awards, saying that “blacking-up” is unacceptable. One of the ceremony’s supporters, an American underwear company, has withdrawn from the event.

A statement from event manager Michael Macfarlane said he was “saddened” that the images had been seen as negative and apologised “to anyone who has taken offence”. He added: “We had no derogatory or negative intention with the models in question, and the gold and black body art was solely used to symbolise luxury not colour or creed.”

Next time, think!

Ouch! Poor us

Gay people are less fulfilled with their lives than straight people, have more health problems and are not as happy in their relationships. Australia’s annual Household, Income and Labour Dynamics survey reveals a stark divide in people’s experiences based on their sexual identity.

Researcher Roger Wilkins said the life experience of gay people had parallels with people living with a long-term impairment, such as a learning difficulty, chronic pain or limited use of their limbs.

His survey quizzed 17,000 people and the 400 people who identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual reported lower levels of life satisfaction and overall wellbeing.

Some of the findings do not surprise Your Activist:

Men, either gay or straight, drink regularly at about the same rate. But heterosexual women drink more regularly than gay women. One third of gay men smoke, compared to one fifth of straight men. And 26.8 per cent of gay women smoke, almost double the rate of straight women.

Straight men surveyed did more exercise than those who identified as gay but were also more likely to let themselves go, with a higher number being overweight or obese. Gay women exercise more than straight women and are similarly as likely as being overweight, the survey suggests, but somewhat more likely to be obese.

Gay people fare better in economic wellbeing markers, according to the survey The report said gay women tend to be more educated than heterosexual women and gay men were more likely to hold a bachelor’s degree than their straight counterparts. However, gay men are also more likely to have no post-school qualifications.

As ever, take with a pinch of salt.

Congratulations to young activists


Leon Ward | Leon Ward | 15178

The Grimsby Telegraph – I cannot remember blogging them before – notes that young gay activist Leon Ward is in line for a Positive Role Model Award at the 2015 National Diversity Awards for his work as a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual equality campaigner.

Leon, 23, has most recently been bidding to make LGBT issues a campaigning priority across the Commonwealth through his role as the British Youth Council’s commonwealth young ambassador.

Leon, who is also a founding member of the Commonwealth Youth Gender Equality Network, says that he only sees being nominated for awards as a bonus to his campaigning.

Gay Activist sends congratulations to all the award winners.

Gay marriage court case in South Korea


AFP | 15170

Kim Jho Gwang-Soo and his partner Kim Seung-Hwan are suing officials for refusing to recognise their 2013 same-sex marriage.

While homosexuality is not illegal in South Korea, same-sex marriage isn’t. South Korea remains deeply conservative about matters of sexual identity and many still regard homosexuality as a foreign phenomenon.

Gay Man’s Guide to Heart Failure

Hello everyone.

I’ve realised that there are very few internet resources about heart failure written by gay men for gay men, so I’ve taken the job on. I was diagnosed with CCF in December last year and came out of hospital in February, and my life has changed for ever.

I have not been able to find any appropriate resources especially for gay people, and much of the information which I have been given has been inappropriate or misleading.

If you are a gay man living with heart failure I welcome your suggestions, ideas, experiences and comments to help me build up the page, which will take a little while. Meanwhile, I have published the page as a work in progress. The link is below, and you can find the page under “Notes”.

If you would like to help me with this, please leave a comment, I will NOT publish your comment but contact you privately by email, so please leave a valid email address which I repeat will NOT be published.

I really look forward to hearing from you if you can help me.

Thanks, Paul

Trans community experiencing frightening levels of violence and self-harm

Activists in America are renewing public focus on what they see as a national crisis of violence, sexual assault and custodial abuse against trans citizens. 2015 is already one of the most violent years for trans people in America; nine trans women have been murdered already this year.

Top of the list of priorities articulated by transgender groups is the ongoing epidemic of violence faced particularly by black trans women. Shannon Minter, legal director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, said that hate violence was running at levels that rendered it a national crisis. “The issue is so urgent as the harm is so severe. We have to deal with it better than we have,” he said.

In 2014 the (US) National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programmes warned of an ongoing “crisis of deadly violence against transgender women of color”.

Violence, of course, does not discriminate by colour, all the US trans community appear to be at risk of violence.

“There has been a steady increase of intimate partner violence in the LGBT community and the rates are higher than of hate violence towards LGBT, but we still don’t have enough support services to help people get out of violent relationships,” said Chai Jindasurat, co-director of Community Organizing and Public Advocacy at the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP), a New York City-based national organization working to reduce violence and its impact on LGBT individuals in the US.

In 2013, NCAVP’s 18 local partner organizations received 2,697 reports of intimate partner violence (IPV), a slight increase from the 2,679 reports received in 2012. The NCAVP documented 21 intimate partner homicides in 2013, which is equal to the 21 homicides in 2012 but more than three times the six IPV-related homicides in 2010.

Here in Britain research published last year revealed that 48% of trans people under age 26 said they had attempted suicide, 30% said they had done so in the past year, 59% said they had at least considered doing so. The figure is starkly higher than the straight community: only 6% of all 16- to 24-year-olds say they have attempted suicide, according to the Adult Psychiatry Morbidity Survey.

Gay Activist would appreciate up to date information on the level of violence against the UK trans community.

Tidying up…

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