Bi men paid less, says study

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Bisexual men are paid on average a third less than their heterosexual counterparts. The study by Professor Alex Bryson, of UCL’s Institute of Education also shows that gay men and lesbians earn about the same as heterosexuals, as do bisexual women.

In an article in the journal Work, Employment & Society, published by the British Sociological Association, Bryson explains that the average gross hourly earnings for bisexual men were £9.39, compared with £12.30 for heterosexual men, a gap of 31%. Conversely, average hourly earnings for gay men were £13.33, £1.03 more than for heterosexual men.

The study, which used data from the Workplace Employment Relations Survey conducted in 2011 and 2012, also showed that the average hourly earnings for lesbians were £9.87, similar to the £9.97 earned by heterosexual women. The average hourly earnings for bisexual women were £9.58.

The study included 312 gay men and lesbians, 118 bisexuals, 18,635 heterosexuals and 986 people who declined to identify their sexuality.

Some explaining to do, Sam

Justice Minister Sam Gyima on Friday filibustered a bill that would pardon gay men still alive but who were convicted in the past of now-abolished laws against homosexuality in the U.K.— a day after announcing that the government will back a previously proposed alternative.

Gyima stated that the government would not support a private members’ bill that sought to automatically pardon thousands of gay men who were still alive and had past convictions before homosexuality was decriminalized. To cries of “shame” in the House of Commons, Gyimah filibustered the bill on Friday afternoon.

Why a British Bill That Would Pardon Men Convicted of Overturned Gay Sex Law Was Filibustered

Happy birthday to us…


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Today is Gay Activist’s 18th birthday.

I would like to thank all our many subscribers, followers and readers, all over the world, for their continued support for the web site.

Thank you!

Where’s the alcohol-free champagne gone?


Luxembourg’s gay refugees


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I think this is the first time in 18 years that I have blogged a story from Luxembourg.


Of the gay refugees who do live in Luxembourg safe places, few are open about their sexuality, writes the Luxembourg Wort.

Asylum seeker Mano fled his war-torn home of Syria because of harassment and intolerance over his sexual orientation.

“I always knew I was different. I didn’t know what the difference was or what it was called, but I knew I had a secret to guard,” Mano said, adding: “That was a decade ago. Even in my worst nightmare, I didn’t dream that one day my beautiful country would implode. When I was 15, before I came to terms with my identity, my parents suspected something was ‘wrong’ with me and sent me to a therapist. He told them I was gay.”

Mano said when his family and the community where he lived in Idlib found out, they confirmed his worst fears about prejudice.

“Most of them believed—and probably still do—that gay people like me should be hospitalised, imprisoned and even killed. I felt desperately alone.”

Mano said he was saved by the Internet, where he learned there were other people like him who lived happy, normal lives.

Yes, if only your Activist had had the information freely available now on the internet when he was 14.

Hate leaflet distributed in Amsterdam

Police in Amsterdam say they have received over 20 complaints about an anti-gay leaflet which has been distributed door to door in western parts of the city. The leaflet states that homosexuality is forbidden in Islam, Christianity and Judaism and goes on to list a number of ‘facts’ about gay people. It also includes a link to a Facebook page focusing on a Romanian couple who were angry their children were taken into care in England and then adopted by a gay couple.

Anti-gay leaflets spread around Amsterdam

A different shelter

Germany’s first shelter for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transvestite and intersex migrants is hidden away on a quiet, leafy road in Berlin, where dozens of migrants are kept under round-the-clock security to protect them from fellow migrants who are hostile to homosexuality.

“I wouldn’t want to be in a shelter with straight refugees,” said Bashar Taha, an ethnic Kurd from northern Iraq. “It’s too dangerous. Many people from the Middle East are very homophobic — people get beaten and even killed.”

Stephan Jakel, a therapist and the centre’s manager, said: “Many of our residents are traumatised.”

Most gay migrants coming to Germany hide their sexuality for fear of being attacked by compatriots, says Jakel. Others face such danger the state of Berlin has decided they are people with “special reception needs”. Shocked by the violence, including stabbings, suffered by gay people at the hands of their compatriots in refugee camps, German authorities initially offered separate accommodation in hotels and private apartments but specifically designed shelters are now preferred.

Security guards, including a veteran of the Berlin nightclub scene, have been chosen with care; only those showing sensitivity to gay issues are accepted.

More exciting news from the department of hyped up statistics

About 20% straight men watch gay porn according to a new study widely reported today.

Researchers investigated the porn habits of men and whether the films changed their behaviour. They found that 21 per cent of straight men said they had watched same-sex porn in the past six months.

55 per cent of gay participants in the study said they had watched opposite-gender-oriented porn in that time. There was a 96 and 88 per cent split between bisexual men who watched gay or straight porn.

821 men were questioned about their porn preferences, including whether they prefer to watch adult actors using condoms, by the US organisation Public Health Solutions.

Are you out at work yet?


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The University of Cincinnati has found that gay men often hide or ‘manage’ their sexuality in corporate jobs. The research shows that gay men often feel they have to change certain distinctive body language behaviours and gestures in order to avoid ‘potential negative consequences from co-workers’.

‘From the initial (job) interview to moving up the ladder at work, if a gay man feels his supervisors don’t agree with a gay population, he may not want to reveal his sexuality to them,’ says Travis Dean Speice.

Men are worried about their sexuality affecting chances of promotion or even being hired, so they change the way they dress, the way they talk and whether or not they open up about their private life at work. Travis calls these adaptations ‘hegemonic sexuality’ – a tool for avoiding unwanted scrutiny.

Apparently loads of gay men are still hiding their sexuality at work

Affirmative action?

The leader of the UK’s Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, today called for all-black, all-disabled and all-gay candidate shortlists to boost diversity in Westminster.

His endorsement could see party officials forced to select candidates from lists made up solely of black people, disabled people or gay people.

“Parliament, at the end of the day, has to be representative of the totality of our society and it is up to all of us to recognise we are in a party political system to make sure our parties operate in a way that all those groups do end up with representation,” he commented.